About Us

Konfrut Gıda continues to grow by expanding its portfolio every year.

Konfrut Gıda has been producing fruit and vegetable juice concentrates, fruit purees and puree concentrates since its establishment in 1968 as Akkent Fruit Juice Cooperative and has been selling these products at home and abroad.

The production technology has been improved and its capacity has been increased over time. Konfrut, which has today become a business producing 20,000 tons of products, continues to grow by expanding its portfolio every year.

It exports 50% of its production and markets the other 50% domestically. Konfrut, one of Turkey's largest companies in its field, makes significant contributions to the Turkish economy with its 90 employees, $26 million export and annual fruit purchase of over 100,000 tons.

General Information

This section contains our company's Board of Directors, Shareholders and Shareholder Structure and other important information.

Konfrut Food Industry and Trade Inc. Board of Directors

Name and Surname Gender Function
Can Aydemir Male Chairman
Kerim Aydemir Male Vice Chairman
Muhammed Enes Haşim Male Independent Member
Christian Dr. Hebeler Male Member
Emir Feyzi Güçlü Male Independent Member

Konfrut Food Industry and Trade Inc. Capital Structure

Partner's Name Surname / Trade Name Share in Capital (₺) Share in Capital (%)
Döhler Gıda Anonim Şirketi 102.442.728 77.61
Other 29.557.272 22.39
Total 132.000.000 100

Important Information

Company Name Konfrut Food Industry and Trade Inc.
Address Cevizli Mah. Zuhal Cad. Ritim İstanbul AVM A3 Blok Apt. No: 46C/182 Maltepe/İstanbul
Telephone 0 216 - 545 68 68
Fax 0 216 - 340 82 08
E-Mail info@konfrut.com.tr
Commercial Registration Number 272403-219985
Commercial Registration Department ISTANBUL TRADE REGISTRY OFFICE
Tax Number 576 003 4103
Taxation Authority MAJOR TAXPAYERS
Paid-in Capital 33.000.000 ₺
Authorized Share Capital 33.000.000 ₺